I am really honoured and privilege in giving this message to “Vidya Deepam – 2017”, of this magazine
which is successfully entered her 25th jubilee year.

Learning to be a teacher is a long journey with full of excitement and challenge. good teachers
are one who contributes towards the formation of the children by the inculcating values along with
information and experience.

As the Chief Commissioner of Teacher Education, greeting former presidents, vice presidents,
lectures, non academic staff and student teacher who have worked for a long time for quality teacher
education and presently who have tendere their excellent and commitment service to the Vavuniya
National College of Educations. I have learned that Vavuniya NCoE shown her valuable contribution to
the District and the Nation.

I wish to express my greetings to Mr.K.Sithamparanathan, (President), and vice presidents,
lecturer coordinators, teacher Educators and non academic staff and student teachers for effective
contribution to produce multi personality teachers for the nation.

I pray to the almighty god for working education community who has the superior aim of being
any change should be brought through education.

Chief Commissioner (Teacher Education)
Ministry of Education,
Issurupaya, Battaramulla.

2017 Solution By Assistia